National Championship

January 27, 2017 0 By Jimmy

BCS National Championship Bowl Game Features LSU, Ohio State

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After weeks of watching entertaining football games played by teams with varying degrees of aptitude, the lesser bowls are coming to an end, and the national championship game is almost upon us. On Monday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes will face the Louisiana State University Tigers.

As always with the sad system foisted upon the fans by the NCAA and their colluding bowl brethren, noise has already started that other teams are deserving of consideration for the championship. By winning their bowls in spectacular fashion, both USC and Georgia have attempted to position themselves for a grassroots campaign for the top spot. Of course, neither wants to discuss the lack of merit of the respective bowl opponents, Illinois and Hawaii.

The fact is that until college football realizes the obvious necessity of a playoff system, the only thing that can be done is to accept the product of a very flawed process, and crown Monday’s winner. After all, one must play in the championship game to be champion.

Even though there has been much talk of the SEC speed that Florida rode to its rout of Ohio State last year, LSU is still only a 3 1/2 point favorite. Some may be aware of the burden Ohio State has carried since last year’s loss; others may feel that, while the SEC overall is clearly much superior to the Big 10, Ohio State is on a level with the SEC’s best. LSU’s tendencies to play down to the competition and to play games so close there is only a razor’s width separating winner from loser may be causing some concern. LSU can be its own worst enemy, leading the SEC in penalties.

Marty Michaels, Casino Gambling Web’s red-hot sports analyst, feels that Ohio State’s best chance is to try to control the ball with long, run-oriented drives, sending running back Beanie Wells between the tackles. But defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey of LSU is healthy for the first time in months, and the prospective 1st pick in the NFL draft won’t allow consistent forays into his territory.

Michaels sees LSU using its incredible depth at the offensive skill positions to showcase an attack so versatile Ohio State won’t be able to adjust. Ohio State plays tough, but big plays establish LSU early, and the scoring deficit forces more passes than Ohio wanted. LSU is the pick, coasting by the end.