Betting on Clemens

March 18, 2018 0 By Jimmy

Betting on Clemens To Be Usual, Arrogant Self on Capitol Hill

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Roger Clemens has not done much losing in his baseball career. Perhaps that is why he is risking jail time in his denial of ever using performance enhancing drugs.

On Wednesday, he is set to take his case to Capitol Hill, where he will try to portray his former trainer, Brian McNamee, as a liar.

The same trainer that Clemens once entrusted with prolonging his career. The same trainer who just a few weeks ago, told Clemens he would go to jail for him on a taped phone call. Yeah, that phone call. The one where Clemens tried to throw his former cohort under the bus.

The stance he will take on Wednesday with members of Congress had better be carefully thought out. These are not rookie league players who are over matched, and in awe of his presence. These are Federal government officials who will be in this room for one reason. To wait for Clemens to hang a curve ball.

Senator Mitchell, whose report put Clemens in this position, is a well respected man. Accusations of him putting out false information in his report is not looked kindly upon by his peers.

Senator Mitchell will be hit with a Clemens fastball Wednesday morning. His allies in Congress will have his back as they charge the mound, and Clemens. It is up to Clemens to decide what to do.

Admit wrongdoing and walk away with his dignity. Stand up and fight, and the pitcher, who is widely considered one of the best of all time, could be in for a knockout punch. Even worse, for Clemens, could be jail time, and the embarrassing, most humbling, loss of his career.