BCS Bowl Game Point

January 1, 2017 0 By Jimmy

BCS Bowl Game Point Spreads For Gamblers Could Prove To Be Profitable

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The idea of the BCS was to get the ten best teams in the country, match them up, and create five exciting college football games. According to odds makers, these teams are not so evenly matched.

Of the five BCS bowl games, only one game has a point spread of less than four points. The Virginia Tech Hokies are favored by 3.5 points over Kansas.

The next lowest spread is the national title game. The LSU Tigers, with two losses already on the season, are favored by 5.5 points over Ohio State. The Buckeyes have been disrespected all year by critics, and it appears sportsbooks do not hold them in high regard either.

Oklahoma won the Big Twelve championship, and are 6.5 point favorites over Big East champion, West Virginia. The Mountaineers blew their chance at the title game by losing to Pittsburgh in their last game over the weekend.

Georgia, who some believe is the best team in the country, is a 9.5 point favorite over Hawaii, a team that has crashed the BCS party much like Boise State did last year.

The other BCS game has USC as almost a two touchdown favorite over Illinois. The actual line is the Trojans minus 13.5. Illinois started and ended the season strongly to gain their BCS birth.

Baseball GMs Gambling on Availability of Santana at Winter Meetings

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Baseball’s highest profile free agents have all been signed already this year, meaning that the wheels will be turning when it comes to the winter GM meetings that begin next week.

Johan Santana will be at the center of all of the big market teams wish lists, and with Minnesota unable to re sign their top star, the chances he will be traded are great. The Yankees have already inquired about the former Cy Young award winner, and they are believed to have the best package to offer the Twins in a trade.

The Mets, and Omar Minaya, are salivating over Santana, but they are unwilling to give up Jose Reyes, and as of now the Twins have not come off their demands for the young superstar shortstop.

The Red Sox are also in on the Santana sweepstakes, but they do not want to part with Jacob Ellsbury, and the Dodgers, who have young talent to trade, might want to use that talent to go after Miguel Cabrera.

No matter who ends up with Santana, that will not be the only deal made next week, with Baltimore’s Erik Bedard, and Oakland’s Dan Haren and Joe Blanton also on the market.

With all of those big names being rumored, this next week could make for one of the most explosive winter meetings in recent history, and Santana will be the trigger to get the whole thing started.